„20 Years of “Malergeschäft Bentele”

Our business was located in Gigeläcker 4, in Harthausen. In 1989, Robert Bentele grounded the company and today he employs 8 people, including an apprentice. Our recipe for success: We enjoy our Work! We are motivated in our job, and we are proud of our good reputation.

"Professional competence"

We regularly attend Trade fairs and consult our suppliers for new materials and methods. We apply our knowledge and skills selectively and never forget what has been tried and proved – we guarantee an exact and scrupulous execution of all our work. With flexibility and perfection we can guarantee your satisfaction with the task you give us. Thanks to our Team we have capacity for fast reaction and completion.

„The environment and it’s protection“

We strive to use environmentally friendly products as much as we possibly can, and of course professional disposal of rest material belongs to our services.
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