Antike Kunst und Design
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Painting is our Trade

For a decorative and creative presentation of your walls – inside and out – we use diverse techniques. These include eg: sponging, rag-rolling, stucco smearing and smoothing and of course wallpapering.

The preservation and/or reconstruction of the original state of your object is our main concern and here we use not only the usual methods but can also renovate, refurbish, replenish and retouch any defacement.
These include, e.g. in addition to the previous conservation work, retouching, additions and return of damages.

As a master company for discerning creation and design we offer superior wallpaper and painting, from classic italien painting techniques to exclusive and unique facades. The whole world of colours. Whether the papering of your living room or the colourful redesigning of your company building – Big or small, our company can fulfil your wish.

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